In case you need any parts for your oldies, don't hesitate to contact us.




Our stock being limited, we strongly recommend you to visit our partner Briko-Bike based in South of France. They offer a huge choice of parts, fair pricing and safe & fast shipping.

"Briko-Bike is a small French company born in 2008 and based in Toulon in the Var.


The name "BRIKO" was originally set up a blog of diy former bike (which still exists to this day)


As a great enthusiast and collector of old bikes I have accumulated over time a lot of parts and it seemed obvious to propose to other people in the form of exchange or purchase, the ones I had in double or which I do not use.


Over time my stock does not end of fat it is to this period that the first online site appeared, we are then in 2012.


My network in the middle of the former bike growing up allows me to find and to regularly buy new parts from old stock.


All parts used sold on our site are meticulously cleaned and inspected, our trademark is "quality and honesty in the service of the customer", the photos accentuate voluntarily faults when there is, and we do not hide anything in your purchase, a happy customer is a cyclist happy :)" - Patrick Mouteau, Briko-Bike' founder.