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Vélos made in France between 1970 and 1999


We are based in France (Company ID: FR79367274200020), we deliver in Germany!



- Hamburg, Frankfurt, Freiburg -> all year long. Test session in Eimsbüttel or Alsterdorf for Hamburg. Contact us!


  "From France we take care to select the best stylish Vélos Classiques for you. Check out the offer and let us know if you wanna try some! :)"


- Benoit, velobo runner


Our Vélos were produced approx. in the 1970s-1990s. Thanks to our network, we care to buy the best french classic brands: Motobecane, Gitane, Peugeot, Mercier, Manufrance...


This step is crucial! We deal with putting the Vélos in perfect operational conditions. You just have to ride then!


We come over to Germany to deliver our customers without any buying obligation. In each city, we deliver at an in-town meeting point. Which makes delivery close to your place for FREE. Come there and check the bike you would like to try.



Interesting pricing models and no payment in advance are applied. If you fell in love with the bike you just tried: pay, sit and drive on! :)


Invoice provided. Prices includes delivery from France and 6 months mechanical guarantee.

Our commitments


_________To face off the Stolen Bike Mafia


Every 90 seconds, a bike in Germany is stolen. This is a real PLAGUE we all have been confronted to!


We therefore are absolutely conscious that our activity could interfere with bikes robbers.


That's why Velobo requires from its sellers to sign off a Sale Contract with all the details of any Commercial Transactions including official ID documents.


We would be also happy to explain how we developed techniques to identify any potential offer that could be related to stolen bikes.

 _________To give a hand to people needing help


We strongly believe in Solidarity. That's why we try to act at our ground level in order to contribute to more social justice in our world full of tensions.


We offer one bike to a refugee each time we go in France selecting our Vélos.